Saturday, December 6, 2008


I was going to write a post about the dreadful gang rape of a young 14 year old by a pack of Blacks. That crime is one of the most horrific things I have ever read and no words can describe the disgust I feel for the savages that did that, or the sort of punishment I believe they deserve.

The fact is that this is a racist crime. To quote the Daily Mail article:

Around one in 15 of all rapes in London are gang rapes involving three or more attackers, according to latest Metropolitan Police statistics.

There were 126 in 2006, 91 in 2007 and 85 so far this year. But the force says 'these offences may be under-reported'. In other words, the phenomenon might be far more widespread.

The majority of victims - 60 per cent - were white, while 28 per cent were black.

Scotland Yard identified certain characteristics among attackers. Around 40 per cent of suspects were described as Afro-Caribbean. A further 13 per cent were of Indian or Pakistani appearance.

However, the blame for this, like the blame in the tragic case of Baby P, lies solely in the hands of our successive Nu Labour/Con governments.

Labour and the Conservatives before them have BETRAYED the indigenous people of these islands. They have turned our once great country into a third world hell hole.

White people working class people are the ones that have suffered the most. Years and years of mis-government have created an underclass - the dregs of which are White people like the monstrous mothers of Baby P and Shannon Matthews. People without motivation or human moral values.

What do we expect from a generation who has grown up after Maggie Thatcher said that 'society does not exist'? Thatcher was just the first nail in the coffin. During subsequent years, we were told that 'greed was good'. That was the spirit of Thatcherism. But look where it has brought us.

Society DID exist at one time, one has only to look back at the spirit of the Blitz, and how people looked after one another. But this spirit has fallen victim to the individualism and greed promoted by the Conservatives, and carried forward by Nu Labour.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the bubble has burst. Not only are we in deep economic crisis, but we are in even deeper moral crisis. Years and years of nanny state meddling and political correctness has led to this. And we, the people have been betrayed.