Wednesday, July 23, 2008

White Pride

Why is White pride frowned upon, but black pride acceptable?
Why do we have black history month in our schools, and yet the history of this WHITE country is being pushed aside?
Why do our young people think its ok to act and dress like blacks?
Why are black people overly represented on our TV programmes and advertisements?

If you ask yourself these questions, then you know that the multiculturalism that is being forced down our throats by our inept government is wrong.

We must reclaim our heritage and pride, and be proud to be WHITE!


Anonymous said...

Too right we must fight for the white race,trouble is most of the British are too botherd about beer and watching T V to do anything.
But good luck with the blog,we need more like you.

alba 1488 said...

looking forward to watching this blog grow.

All the best sister 1488

The BNP Chronicle said...

Always good to see another Nationalist blog!

Anonymous said...

so where can i sign up to breed with a nice english girl to, you know, save the white race in the isles?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I see the the slogan
"white pride" is often used
by nationalists in white countries.
First let me just point out that
there is nothing wrong with
beeing proud of who you are,
everybody else than white people
can enjoy that freedom of speak:
"I am proud to be (insert race.)"
Now, if we think about it. Why is it that people react negative when people say or write "white pride"?
That's not because people have a problem of you beeing proud of who YOU are, but they have a problem with ethnic nationalism. Let's face it, if you are white in a white country, then why do you have to point out that you are proud to be white if it isn't just a slogan for a white-nationalist movement? I have noticed that THE VERY SAME people who say "white pride" are active in the WN movement. NOBODY else feel the need to say it, WHY? Simply because it's kind of obvious. If so many people of so many non-white etnicities are immigrating to WHITE countries, then obviously WHITE people MUST have done something right. It's obvious, and that's why they don't need to point it out. Let's imagin a different world: Now whites in the world where poor and had suffered colonialism and later immigraded to developed non-white countries and faced discrimation and harrasment by a (minority) of non-whites there, and remained relatively poor. don't you think that it would feel natural for the white immigrants to point out the equality? To say I am proud to be white? Yes; Because it was NOT obvious, they WHERE poor and strangers and faced a lot of intolerant people.

Now, in reality it's the white countries which are sucsesful.
And the only people who feel the "need" to say "white pride"
are White nationalists and white supremacists. I don't have problem with people who are just simply proud of beeing white. or people who says it for THAT reason and THAT reason alone. Unfortunetly sometimes "slogans" give people
really bad associations. "sieg heil" simply means "Hail victory"
Who doesn't like "victory?"
But you see, the ONLY people who says it are national socialists.
And today, only white nationalists
use the slogan "white pride".
Often it's not only white pride, because it's almost always a white SUPREMACIST slogan like "white pride world wide" look at world wide. This is not about beeing proud, this is a movement, a movement of ethnic nationalism; For whites everywhere in the world: From UK to North America (USA and CANADA) to South Africa and the OZ (Australia and New Zealand). Please if you are ONLY proud of your "race" then please don't use the sentence "white pride" since only "white nationalists" use it today.
And what are the problem with white nationalism? Simply the "solution" for the "non-white-problem."

We often hear "stop immigration NOW" Join "insert WN organisation here"

Ok, when immigration is stopped, what then? What about the HUGE numbers of "non-whites" already inside. Shall we still use the slogan "white pride" and join the WN organisations? And what is the White nationaist comunity's "final solution" for the jew.. I mean non-white problem?

Are you going to "ship" them back to Africa and Asia? Millions of people? That is VERY expensive and dangerous, how are you going to catch them without a civil war? what about Antifa? This WILL LEAD to A BLOODY WAR. So logically, "shipping" will not be the "final solution" but... Yes you guessed it consentration camps.
The UK has done it before and can do it again, the men the women the children, after all it's ok since they where only "non-white" huh? Think about it, DO YOU HONESTLY WANT THAT? You see I am a lurker on Stormfront, and have read alot about the opinions and "goals" of normal supposedly "peaceful" "white-nationalists" and it's really disturbing. And frigthning. Remember that every year that passes, WW2 and Holocaust get's longer and longer into the past.
In some years every person who has ever experiensed WW2 will be dead. Then Nobody can tell you to not wear a swastica because of Holocaust and WW2, they are dead. You have to think for yourself, AND remember that if you forget about history you are doomed to repeat it. DO NOT I tell you, DO NOT join anny white nationalist organistaion. We must remember history. Be proud of who you are, how tall you are, what skin colour you have and hair and eye colour you have, just stay away from the secred NAZI organisations. JC from Norway.

PS: I am white and proud of it.

Anonymous said...

There is white history every day all day you dumb bitch.

Anonymous said...

Excellent website. Whites are being repressed in their native lands and soon a tipping point will be reached. A people can only take so much before they snap. Whites have been abused by taunts of racism because they are fearful for the future of their race.

Anonymous said...

Its White history everyday. There are many cities/ roads / monuments after white people or have names that refelct white history.

Heck the money you use has dead white presidents on it. Every time you spend a bill you are celebrating white history

Anonymous said...

"Why is White pride frowned upon, but black pride acceptable?"

Because whiteness is associated with colonialism, being the term used by the colonial powers to separate their people from their victims. To say you are proud to be white means you are proud of your country's past as an invader, robber and oppressor of other countries.

Anonymous said...

You are closed minded, unintelligent and some of the accusations made on this website are incredibly laughable. Sort out your ridiculous viewpoint you stupid woman

resolutevalor said...

Some of these people are retarded. I am from Texas in the United Sates and I can tell you that as of 2007 whites became the minority in that Once great state. Why should I have to order food in spanish in my own country? I speak english but half the time I have to use what spanish I know just to buy somthing. We spend whole months on black and Mexican history but a few days on the Civil War, HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?. And the news rarely reports all the farmers and rancher's that get killed on the border anymore, because white poeple getting murdered isn't news. Whats going to happen when we can no longer support all these immigrants on these 200944040 bazillion social programs anylonger?
This is all coming to a boiling point and liberals refuse to see it and so do soo many other people its absolutly retarded. Keep fighting over thier in England guys and I wish you all the luck I possibly can from the bottom of my heart. DEO VINDICE.